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You house is important and protecting it very simple. Your homeowners insurance policy will combine these coverages:

  • Dwelling - Protects your house, detached garage and storage sheds from fire, hail, windstorm, vandalism. There are 3 main types of home insurance policies with different coverage levels.

  • Contents - Protects furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings.

  • Additional Living Expenses - Pays for extra expenses you have for lodging, food, and other items if disaster forces you from your home.

  • Liability - Protects you when you or one of your family unintentionally injures someone or damages their property. Sometimes referred to as lawsuit protection.

  • Medical Payment - Pays the bills for others injured while on your property.


Your renters insurance policy insures household contents and personal belongings the same as a homeowners policy, but excludes dwelling coverage.


This is a type of a home policy that is for the house you rent out or you own but do not live in. It covers the building and can also cover some contents. It also offers liability that protects you if someone were to be injured on your property.


This offers coverage for you condo. It can be insured a number of ways depending on how your condo association requires the coverage to be written.

At Iron Gates Insurance Group, we will work with you to design the home policy that is best for you. Your house is so much more than a house, it is your home and we want to protect it well for you.Type your paragraph here.